GoPro accessoires (skeleton case, grips, chest mounts)

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of accessoires for the GoPro that my wife has bought me on my birthday… I think she got the point when every time we pass by a shopping mal that I stop and stare at the GoPro section for a long time. (That did the trick i guess) #sneakybastard


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The instagram pictures as shown here above, is about the small flightcase I bought at I know you wont get the same thing as the original parts of GoPro but they are quite good in quality and prize.

Bought a #skeleton for my #gopro #yeey

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So I’ve been uploading some videos on YouTube lately and learning how to edit them with Windows Movie Maker. (yes you read it right) It might be better if I did it in another Video Editor but they are so hard to learn.

I mostly use the GoPro with a chest mount when I go cycling with our ‘Pinoy Piliton‘ crew.

With my friends from Belgium we’ve started a Belgian GoPro group on Facebook, so we could discuss about filming techniques, accessoires, video editing and more.

You should check out my YouTube channel ( and let me know what you think about it. Offcourse you can subscribe and like the videos.

Hanging out at LionMakerStudios

My wife was out of town and I just finished working. So I called up mr. LionMaker to see what he was doing and invited myself over (Yes I can do that)

I had to be there anyway because I was making his (new) website and I still needed some information on how content had to look like. I arrived at his place and saw  this pretty big crossbow lying on the floor. It was a cool toy, but at the same time a dangerous weapon. He said that it was broken… “But hey no worries the other one is repaired” he said. So this means he broke the first one and had it fixed and now the second one that was at his place was also broken. He apparently have tightened the crossbow and “accidentally” fired it, so the string, as we may call it that way, shattered.

As we discussed the plans of the LionMakerStudios website, we came to a lot of ideas to implement. One of them was adding a “Now Live” Twitch button / icon on the front page. I never heard about this Twitch, so I went on a research to know how this would work…

In the meantime I wanted to pull a prank with mr. LionMaker… I told him I could deliver him a “Verified” Twitter badge within minutes. Little did he know that I was just going to emulate it (temporary adding it with ‘html’ code)

After that he was editing the milestone video. He told me that it was so difficult to make because he wanted it to be perfect. And the result was there. Every time he finished a scene he would ask me if it was any good. I gave him my advise on particular parts of the video which need more attention (mostly sound scenes)

The video still needed a final editing work done by a colleague YouTuber before it could be published on YouTube.

It was nice being a part of it. Even as a ‘non-Mine-Craft-fan’ it was an experience full with action and suspense. link to the vid

WordPress, why it is my favourite cms / blog

wordpress-love-600x300First of all I’m not an affiliate of WP and WordPress doesn’t pay me for writing about their “open-source software”. This article is my opinion on why everyone should use this CMS.

Whopress? Continue reading WordPress, why it is my favourite cms / blog

Automated actions – How to use it online

Performing like a robot.

automated actionsOkay, you got all of these apps, social media sites and “whatnot’s”. Now you keep on surfing the net and you encounter more and more stuff you like to use for work or just personal, you can even store files in the cloud… It doesn’t stop there… you keep on saving this, writing that, liking a page, sending a tweet, …

Unless you are a robot and you can remember every action you have to make than this article is not for you, but if you are like me where you have to do a lot of actions on the internet then you should read on further. Continue reading Automated actions – How to use it online