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What about Klout score?

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-29 om 15.48.38Social Media is something that became a big part of our lives. We share personal and business related thoughts, pictures, video’s, …  Now all of those influences you’ve made on the internet can be put into an algorithm and give you a klout score on how much influence you give your followers.

Klout isn’t the only social influence meter online. The other 2 are Kred and PeerIndex. You can try out which one will suit you the best, but Klout has multiple social media networks which it considers.

My Klout score

The Klout score I have (as you can see in the image) at this time is 54 and lacks the social influence in Google+ (because I don’t really use it that much) Also shown on the graph was a dip… I accidentally connected my Facebook personal page to one of my other FB pages, thus the canyon in my timeline.


The High score

…goes to teen music star Justin Bieber, he has reached to highest score you can ever get on Klout. I’m not a real fan of his music, but the score shows that he is an online sensation on all types of social media. And note my score belongs to the 5% who have 50+ scores.

 Extra perks

As your score goes up so does the benefits. With my score for example I can win tickets to a Bon Jovi concert… or discount to a pair of sunglasses. I’ve never tried it out but I would love to hear from someone who did.

More details on the following Visual.ly graph


Scoring Klout: The Inside Scoop


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