My son’s (Xander) birth captured on a GoPro camera

On a Wednesday morning, the doctors presented our son to us. My son looks perfect.

My son is a heavy baby

Xander’s weight was 3,975 kilograms. According to many they say that this is way passed the average weight of babies. That made me proud. My son was already exceptional.

my son Xander

My wife was really brave on that memorable 12th of April. She chose to be awake during the operation. As I stood by her, I tried to take a glimpse of the birth process and at the same time I was recording the whole event with my GoPro camera. Soon I’ll post the videos with the build to the wonderful arrival of my son.
The link to the youtube channel is available below:

The days that followed were super hard on us. We had a new family member that was completely helpless and we had to be alert and attend to his every need. This means waking up every few in the night to bottle feed him. His mom and I kind of look like zombie at the moment. We have black rings around our eyes and are moody as hell :p We agreed to work in shifts, because it might end up in more lack of sleep.

What I’ve noticed is that I had way to many hobbies and that I’m going to have to reduce them to a minimum. Another thing is that after the release from the hospital we didn’t fell into the “baby blues” area. Some say that most of the couples will fall into a depression.

I would love to end this post with telling future parents to be prepared and research stuff. Be ready to make sacrifices, I clearly was too euphoric with the begin stages of the pregnancy.  All in all, it is an amazing experience and won’t change it with anything in the world.

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