Sports goals: walk 100km, bike 150km and more

Sports goals in 2016

I’ve read in sports articles that if you want to reach you sports goals you’ll have to list them up, so that you can have a guide when you are looking over a longer periode of time. So mine are listed below:

  • Dodentocht (100km)
  • Bike (150-200km)
  • MMA fight (tryout)
  • Lead the FSCA (chairman)

Dodentocht (100km)

On the 15th of February, I will be starting to train for the longest walk in my life. The ‘Dodentocht’ (translated: Dead tour) will kick-off on the 12th of August @8pm. There will be ten thousands of walkers who are going to attempt to cover the 100km within 24hours. I’ve been told that more than half will not finish this tour.

Bike a new distance record (150-200km)

I had a blast during my vacation in the Philippines. Its so obvious that you could see it on my physic. I gained weight by letting myself go. All of the yummy Filipino foods passed in front of me didn’t had a chance to survive. With all of that I’ve decided to list some sports goals.

So now since the beginning of the year, I’ve been looking after my weight and condition.

In the last years my longest ride with race bicycle was around 130km (my strava longest ride) So this year I want to challenge myself to set a new record of doing 150-200km in one ride.

MMA fight (tryout)

Somewhere in the end of 2015 I’ve found some interest in MMA fights thanks to Conan Mcgregor. He has made some hypes in the UFC. What I really like about this sport is the rawness, No faking, fighting until knockouts or submission.

In the past if the sport would attract me, I would surely try it out.

Lead the FSCA (chairman)

A lot of people in the community believe that I could change the FSCA organization. I always dreamt of leading a group. Especially a group that is connected with the Filipino community. I had an ambition to bring the organization into a new level of structure. All of this is not possible without the help of my fellow committee members.

My goals are to bring more variety and make the group bigger. As of now I’m bringing better communication tools and creating a transparent management.

So these are my personal sport goals for 2016. Care to share yours? Let me know by replying below!

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