Social Media marketing – why use it? why should i care? You should care because …

Social Media marketingSocial Media marketing – God send or a just a total menace?

As we see companies grow and other stay small is due to the fact that most of the entrepreneurs are not willing to adapt to the new wave of doing business. It’s so obvious that the older business owners are not open to the new media that is sweeping the world.

It’s because this generation doesn’t want to learn anything new, you can’t learn an old dog new tricks they say. Especially if they are not really willing to adapt to it. And you might have heard it once or twice that they did business for a long time (comfort zone)

here is an graph art about social media and it’s age group users

Anyways I’m not aiming this rant at these generation, but I want to point out that the new generation entrepreneurs should be using social media marketing and this is why…

SEO = social media marketing + linkbuilding + content + nice code

So as you can see in the header above, social media is 1/4 of SEO (search engine optimalisation / search engine ranking)

If you are not on top the SERP (search engine result page) then your business is likely to extinct.

Install WordPress on a hosted server or local on a computer – how to (tutorial)

Install WordPress on a hosted server

  1. To install WordPress go to and click on the blue button to download the latest working version of WordPress.

    install wordpress
    install wordpress
  2. Unzip the files and put the map on your desktop (any other place, just make it easy to find)
  3. Prepare the files… make a copy of the ‘wp-config-sample.php’ file and rename it to ‘wp-config.php’

    copy and rename...
    copy and rename…
  4. Open the ‘wp-config.php’ file and edit the parameters for connecting to the database. (username, password, database name)
    The MySQL settings are created by your hosting service.

    parameters wp config
    fill in the username, password and the database name
  5. Upload the files to the host server, go to the url where WordPress is installed and follow the guide lines.

Installing WordPress on a computer (localhost)

To install WordPress on a localhost server is  actually the same procedure, but you need to be familiar with localhost server like MAMP, XAMPP, WAMP, …

I’m not really an expert in server side settings. So don’t even ask me how to deal with this apps.

I used WAMP on my windows machine, because i like the file structure and because it’s so easy to use. I used XAMPP prior to WAMP back ten it was messy, maybe it got better. Ill have to write about it later.

Here is a guide on how to install WAMP (video) on a localhost.

If you installed WAMP and go to ‘localhost’ you will see the WAMPserver settings and so you can choose to edit the database settings in ‘PhpMyAdmin’ or open the project folders you’ve created.


If you have any questions about installing WordPress, let me know! I’ll try to reply as fast as possible to help you out 😉

my twitter handle is @philipdenys
or philipdenys+ on Google+

Later on I’ll make an tutorial on how to setup your WordPress website.


How I got into web design and web development

internet-hd-wallpapers (by

I started out on the internet by going to the library surfing the net in its early stage somewhere in the nineties. By finding the “view source” in the right-click button menu, I saw the skeleton of a web page and started unravel the “bones” of it. Next thing you know I was making websites.

It didn’t stop there. Due to a ex-girlfriend ,who was studying “multimedia”, I came across programs and tools for animation and graphics. Yet again I grabbed all the knowledge about these tools and went experimenting with the elements.

I grew up with game consoles, computer and any high-tech related gadgets. A geek in disguise as some may say. And yes I have a thing for Social Media… Connecting to people all over the world and sharing thoughts and ideas. Not only front-end development, but also back-end development is a skill that I long to control.

How did you get in web design / web development?

How to remove old unused permalinks (slug) in WordPress

“unused permalinks” (slug) – how to remove :


I was refreshing my portfolio (it’s been awhile) and tried to make a new page in WordPress.

Now the slug (permalink) I wanted was 


I didn’t want to edit the old one, so I decided to make a new page.

But since I made a page with the same title in the past it gave me –> ../portfolio-2

So I deleted the first one I made… That didn’t help me one bit. Now I created a new page and slug became ../portfolio-3

You can surely understand that I was getting frustrated.

Solution > unused permalinks

It might be a silly thing, but I didn’t find any solutions on the internet (immediately)

It was actually quite simple getting rid of the duplicate setting of the unused permalinks

… Go to > “All pages” in  “Pages” > Trash

How to remove an old unused duplicate permalink (slug) in WordPress

and permanently delete all trashed pages. That’s it!

So now you know and you’ll never forget. Please share, click on the social buttons!