Automated actions – How to use it online

Performing like a robot.

automated actionsOkay, you got all of these apps, social media sites and “whatnot’s”. Now you keep on surfing the net and you encounter more and more stuff you like to use for work or just personal, you can even store files in the cloud… It doesn’t stop there… you keep on saving this, writing that, liking a page, sending a tweet, …

Unless you are a robot and you can remember every action you have to make than this article is not for you, but if you are like me where you have to do a lot of actions on the internet then you should read on further.

Automated actions?

Are actions that are predefined in an app and that executes small repetitive (sometimes annoying) actions online.

Put the internet to work for you.

This sentence comes from IFFFT (If This Then That) The San Francisco based company has created this online app to make your life a whole lot easier.

I have the nasty habit of dragging the link of the url into a folder and collect (hamster) for future review. Now it’s hard to find stuff when I need some links I saved onto a folder. With IFFFT you can automate the action also known as ‘recipe





So when a drag a URL into my Dropbox (cloud storage) ‘then’ it will save the url into my Delicious account. You can save unlimited amount of automated actions and even share ‘recipes’ in public. The use of IFTTT is pretty straight forward and has an easy interface.

Now the apps and social sites are referred to ‘Channels‘ (click on link to get list)

Integrate your web services – Zapier

Another ‘automated actions’ provider, but with a little bit more Channels (162 apps) and have limited their free actions to only 5. If you job content is dealing hundreds of apps than this is the ‘automated actions’ provider for you.

According to plans and price list, the highest plan cost $99 a month and the lowest next to the free plan is $15 a month.

Now the names here are different, they call the combination of actions and trigger ‘ZAPS’ and building it is as easy as pie. Dragging and dropping the actions into the right placeholder and define the automated actions you want.

Sit back and relax

I hope you guys can do more with this apps. I would be glad to see some cool actions in the comment section below.

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