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<!doctype html>

<title>A blank HTML5 page</title>
<meta charset="utf-8" />



Copy Paste HTML5 blank page

How many times I caught my self copying a html5 blank page from the internet, so now I’ve made a snippet on my website. Hopfully this post will reach the top results in search engines.

HTML 5 Frameworks (top 5)

HTML 5 boilerplate

by Paul Irish

Some say that this isn’t an actual  framework, but i’ve known this ‘framework’ for awhile now and used it a lot. It really is a time-saver. You normally create files and folders when you start a web project. After some time you realize the repetitive work you’re always executing by doing so.

When it’s for just prototyping, wire framing or for making web apps. HTML5 boilerplate is so easy to use.


by Twitter

What can I say about this beautiful work of art? No really, this is a well constructed and very good documented framework


by Zurb

To be honest, I haven’t tried out this framework yet. It really seems appealing though. But I promise I’ll make time to review this. I’m going to keep you guys updated 😉


by Dave Gamache

The first time I used, it was kinda messy for a framework. The syntax and documentation wasn’t an eyecatcher to me. I guess they did a better job now. Would like to know experience is like with this.

HTML kickstart

by 99lime

Has to ultimate beginners guide for the ultimate starting webdesigner. If you just started learning than you should learn to know this framework


Links to HTML5 information

Wiki about HTML5

Some HTML5 demos and examples

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