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Digital Marketing is a must

With Digital marketing we are talking about marketing that is made on the internet.

A client can surf your website and continue to research the internet in pursue of his (or her) quest of finding the products they want to purchase. But you really want them to buy your items right?

Well there is this thing called “remarketing”. It means that with code on your website you can target ads on Facebook or Google, to the people who visited your website. You can even fine tune your ads to meet your goals; aim with location, age groups, interests and more.

So where to start?

Every marketing project starts with an assessment:

-What kind of website do you currently have?
-How many visitors do you have on your website? Which pages do they view?
-What are the dream goals?
– …

Never every business is the same, so that’s why it is important to list the needs so you can reach the necessary goals that are aligned with your business.

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