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Forgive me , for I have sinned…

Every blogger wants traffic. So do I, but little did I know when I bought 5000 followers on twitter,that this so-called accounts were fake. Impatient people (like me) will see that buying your visitors will not increase your traffic and will likely do more damage than good. In my case the great amount of followers dropped really fast. Twitter had eradicated a vast number of malicious/fake accounts.

Buying followers or likes

For the small price of 5$, I bought the gig at the marketplace of Fiverr.com
Please don’t do this, don’t buy twitter followers. There are tons of other ways to get the traffic that you need, but buying is not one of them.

How to spot fake accounts

The happiness of having thousands of followers rapidly changed to anger and frustration. It was so obvious that the tweeps are phonies:
None of them have tweeted
The twitter names make no logic (made by scripts)

Interaction with (real)followers

…is probably more efficient than buying followers. The success can be measured with tools like Google Analytics. Thanks to Analytics I saw that LinkedIn has a great potential of generating traffic without paying a single dime for it.

Give and thou shall receive

You can’t expect that your blog will have great success from the moment you write your first article. It’s like building a house, be patient and place the bricks one at the time. It’s all in the details. You have to give at least a few months to really get going.

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