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How I got into web design and web development

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I started out on the internet by going to the library surfing the net in its early stage somewhere in the nineties. By finding the “view source” in the right-click button menu, I saw the skeleton of a web page and started unravel the “bones” of it. Next thing you know I was making websites.

It didn’t stop there. Due to a ex-girlfriend ,who was studying “multimedia”, I came across programs and tools for animation and graphics. Yet again I grabbed all the knowledge about these tools and went experimenting with the elements.

I grew up with game consoles, computer and any high-tech related gadgets. A geek in disguise as some may say. And yes I have a thing for Social Media… Connecting to people all over the world and sharing thoughts and ideas. Not only front-end development, but also back-end development is a skill that I long to control.

How did you get in web design / web development?

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