Google Apps Teamwork 2015

Google Apps: how to work with it? Collaboration at its best

Google Apps (or Drive for Work) is becoming the more significant office suite. It has so much more to offer than its competitors out there. And yes indeed it still premature, but it is getting there. Weekly updates in its ecosystem it shall gently position itself into the market.

Yes, I am one the millennials who grew up with the ‘internet’ and had to use Word and Excel like the million other users. Don’t get me wrong those tools were the best tools around at that time, but now it’s time to pass on the scepter.

In Drive (the file share environment) you can place of your files. Including Docs, Sheet, Forms and Slides.  And these tools are so easy to use because of the low user adaption. As a matter of fact these are the tools we already got to use in the consumer world.

Collaboration with Google Apps

The best thing about Google Apps is the collaboration. It works so fast, easy and smooth. Even though your co-worker can be miles away in a different country, it still feels like you are sitting in the same office space.

Getting projects done in matter of minutes or hours instead of days. Without Google Apps we would be creating files, sending it by email to the next person in line (serial working) The problem with that is, people will lose a lot of time and you will create different version of the file. Working together doesn’t have to be that cumbersome. In the Drive editors you’ll in parallel, one version – one file.

At Translucid we want to help you and your company with end-to-end solutions and to get you on the Google wave. Be more productive and efficient in the workspace!

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