QR code – how to use and generate QR code

What is QR code?

this is the QR code for Spydr Webz

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is used to  get information really fast. Instead of typing over a website address, phone number from a poster, you can scan the code with your mobile phone and go to the required information.  This is done with a scanner app that is found on mobile phones.

Types of information that can be read with the scanner:

  • Free text: You can write any type of message you want to bring to the reader
  • URL (website address): link the code to a website address of your choice
  • Phone number: any phone number will do
  • SMS: give a phone number and a template message.
  • Contact: has the most lines of information you can put. You should use this option. All these are included: first name, name,  organization, email, cell phone number, phone number, fax number, street, postcode, city, region/state, country and URL.

How to get the QR code scanner app?

Every smart phone can download this app. Some mobile phones have this already installed. I’ll give you the links to the apps of the most bought smartphones. Almost all of these apps are free to download.

GooglePlayBadge AppstoreBadge



Tip: find a code and scan it… fast!

Keep the app on the first page of your smart phone, so that when you need to scan a QR code you don’t lose any time scanning it.

How to generate QR code images?

There are tons of sites who provide this kind of service. Most of them try to ask money for it, but this ones you should try to ignore. Why don’t have to pay? Because you can get them for free!

The QR code generator I use is the following > http://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ you can generate all the types of information and choose in what size the QR code has to be generated.

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