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Social Media marketing – why use it? why should i care? You should care because …

Social Media marketingSocial Media marketing – God send or a just a total menace?

As we see companies grow and other stay small is due to the fact that most of the entrepreneurs are not willing to adapt to the new wave of doing business. It’s so obvious that the older business owners are not open to the new media that is sweeping the world.

It’s because this generation doesn’t want to learn anything new, you can’t learn an old dog new tricks they say. Especially if they are not really willing to adapt to it. And you might have heard it once or twice that they did business for a long time (comfort zone)

here is an graph art about social media and it’s age group users

Anyways I’m not aiming this rant at these generation, but I want to point out that the new generation entrepreneurs should be using social media marketing and this is why…

SEO = social media marketing + linkbuilding + content + nice code

So as you can see in the header above, social media is 1/4 of SEO (search engine optimalisation / search engine ranking)

If you are not on top the SERP (search engine result page) then your business is likely to extinct.

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