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How to remove old unused permalinks (slug) in WordPress

“unused permalinks” (slug) – how to remove :


I was refreshing my portfolio (it’s been awhile) and tried to make a new page in WordPress.

Now the slug (permalink) I wanted was www.my-website.com/portfolio 


I didn’t want to edit the old one, so I decided to make a new page.

But since I made a page with the same title in the past it gave me –> ../portfolio-2

So I deleted the first one I made… That didn’t help me one bit. Now I created a new page and slug became ../portfolio-3

You can surely understand that I was getting frustrated.

Solution > unused permalinks

It might be a silly thing, but I didn’t find any solutions on the internet (immediately)

It was actually quite simple getting rid of the duplicate setting of the unused permalinks

… Go to > “All pages” in  “Pages” > Trash

How to remove an old unused duplicate permalink (slug) in WordPress

and permanently delete all trashed pages. That’s it!

So now you know and you’ll never forget. Please share, click on the social buttons!

8 thoughts on “How to remove old unused permalinks (slug) in WordPress

  1. Hi. Thank you very much for this post! It is quite simple, certainly; but I hadn’t think of it. And I’m sure many other people, too.

  2. Hi @7ecd55355b19d72497b8d8d55a35da0a:disqus,

    I’m glad I could have been of any assistance.;) #spreadingTheKnowledge

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